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Gynae Oncology - Malaysia

Ways To Lower Womens Cancer

Gynae cancers can happen in any area of the female sex or reproductive body parts.

The Gynae-oncology Service at Caring Gynae includes all types and stages of gynaecological cancer, including those with uncommon or complex presentations.

Care is coordinated by a team of experts in surgical oncology, radiation oncology and medical oncology in association with specialist gynaecological nurse consultants, psychologists, social workers and palliative care professionals.

Written information will be provided to you at your appointment. Please write down any questions that you have before your appointment and bring them with you.

Your case will be discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting, ensuring you receive the best care and treatment plan.

Dr Vijay provides highly personalised care with a commitment to never rush an appointment. He will take the time to understand your needs and preferences, and has a focus on providing holistic care. If surgery is required, Dr Vijay performs the latest in key-hole techniques which ensures safety, minimal scars and quick recovery.

For pregnant women, you will be provided with continuity of care seeing Dr Vijay at all appointments and birth, have the ability to contact Dr Vijay at any time and will always have reliable communication with Dr Vijay and his team.


We want women in Malaysia to have the latest and best treatments for gynaecological cancer.

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