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Labour & Delivery

Our delivery suites are located at the floor 3A of the West wing of the hospital. Patients who come in labour would be guided by our staff directly to the maternity ward of the hospital where the labour suites are situated.

You will be assigned to one midwife who is present throughout your labour process who will assist the consultant during the labour progress and delivery.

Each patient is given a single labour suite where privacy is of utmost importance to the birthing mother and accompanying husband. Each suite is also equipped with baby moniters, patient moniters, baby warmers and also other facilities to make the labour progress as comfortable as possible. At KPJ we are well equipped and experienced to handle any emergency or complications that may arise.

Pain Relieve In Labour

  • Entonox

    This is a 50:50 mixture of 2 gases mainly oxygen and Nitrous oxide. It is inhaled during uterine contractions.

  • Intramuscular Pethedine & Phenargen Injections

    These injections are given during labour and may have to be repeated every 4-6 hrs depending on the progress of labour.

  • Epidural Analgesia

    This is the most effective form of pain relieve in labour. It involves injecting anaesthetic medication close to the nerve in the spinal cord that transmits pain. This type of pain relieve is supervised by the attending anaesthetist and can be titrated to last even after the baby is delivered.

During your stay, we will educate you on:
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Baby care
  • Peurperal care and support

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